Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Faith!

Our sweet friend Faith turned six yesterday! Unfortunately, we were out town on Sunday so we had to have a belated birthday party. It was so fun to hang out with Faith and her family.

Faith had a Hannah Montana theme, and a cake in the shape of a flower. Faith blew out the candles so well, but the flame kept coming back -- I hate it when that happens! The cake was delicious and the ice cream (bubble-yum flavored) brought me back to my childhood.

We're so happy to have such good friends!

Trip to Amish Country

OK...We never actually ventured to the Amish communities, but we did spend this weekend in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Shiloh's cousin Panda and her husband Nate just bought a beautiful house there and we drove up to help prepare the house for move-in. I was suprised how short the drive was, so it looks like we'll be making the trip more often!

We spent the weekend painting, taping walls, listening to great music and playing with Panda and Nate's adorable kids. Not to mention enjoying Panda's amazing cooking! Panda used to paint homes professionally, so watching her at work was impressive! She picked amazing colors that worked perfectly with the beautiful hardwood floors and brick mantle. Nate's mom, Sue, was in town to help wrangle the kids so we could get as much done as possible. She was amazing. We had a great time getting to know her.



On Sunday, in between conference sessions, Nate and Panda took us on a driven tour of the town of Lancaster. Nate's office is in a sweet old building right in the heart of town. We quickly fell in love with the area, confirming my dream to one day reside in the great state of PA.

The kids loved Atti. We would have Atti jump for a stick and Jack would bust up with the funniest laugh! When it came time for us to leave and we put Atti in the car, Noa cried and cried. Sue wondered out loud how long they would be able to put off getting a dog of their own.

We laughed and laughed all weekend at the many, many funny phrases coming out of Noa's mouth. Check out the Tingey's blog for new "Noa-isms" that will give you a little glimpse of the sweetness.

Dave & Busters

Last weekend, we spent Saturday evening with our friends Katie and Nathan. They had heard of this place, Dave and Busters, where we could eat and play some pool. So we decided to check it out. Little did we know how intense this place was.

After dinner, we hit the game room. The pool tables were all reserved through the night, so the arcade room fulfilled our gaming craving. We played racing games, shooting games, basketball games, and even tried our hand at Dance Dance Revolution.

Here are some highlights:

We had a great time with Katie and Nate -- we'll definitely have to go again!