Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baseball & Burgers

Last night concluded my office sofball team's season. It was a great night.

** A Little Background **
Our team, the Orange Sox, has not done very well. We've consistently improved over the season and have even come close to winning, but the last inning has typically been when we fall apart. Keep in mind, my office has a large female presence. The league requires teams to play at least three women in the first ten of the line up. We had many nights when we were lucky to get three MEN. That aside, the ladies have not done that badly, we just can throw or hit the ball as far...

So back to last night.
The first game marked the benning of the league playoffs. We were seated #8 of eight teams, and we were playing #7. The stars aligned, everyone played weel and we beat them. It was a great feeling to win. We were stoked, packing up our things, patting eachother on the back & heading to our cars... when the ump stopped us.

Apparently when you win a game in the playoffs you play again -- that night. We had not considered the possibility of winning, so we hadn't bothered to see what would happen if we did.
Then came the good news: we were playing the #2 team. This team was serious. Their uniforms were night, their girls were tough (some of which playing better than a few of our guys), they even had a team photographer show up. Needless to say, we were slaughtered. They actually ended up calling the game early because the other team was 10 runs ahead. Chickens. The really sad thing is that we didn't really play poorly. We had a few really solid plays and many of the team members showed marked improvement from the first game. In the end, we just wern't as good. We all agreed - it was a fun game anyway.

Afterwards we headed over to a new restaurant that Chef Spike (a former Top Chef contestant) just opened in S.E. D.C. It's a burger place, complete with milk shakes and homemade fries.

In spite of the long line, grumpy guy in front of us & the fact that they ran out of Turkey Burgers -- we had a great time. Good Stuff Eatery was DELICIOUS. The "bouncer" was awesome, and did a good job at keeping the crowds in order. Spike was there cooking, complete with his signature fedora in place. He was very nice, made sure we had everything we wanted and even asked how the game went.

I had the Turkey Burger with a beef patty (they were out of turkey) it was delish. The milk shakes were smooth & creamy and the fries were excellent. The best part is, everything they make is made from scratch. I'm starting to feel like an ad -- maybe they should be paying me for this -- but I really did love it. You should really check it out.