Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Year - November 30, 2010

On her birthday, I wrote the following list of notes about Harper.

Harper is a happy, happy little girl who likes to:

· Wrinkle her nose

· Twist her tongue

· Pat & rub her belly while bathing

· Say “ma ma ma ma”, “thanks”, “wow”, and “da da”

· Shake her finger when we say the word Monkey

· Dance to music

· Run away from someone who is chasing her

· Play peek-a boo

· Read & look at books

· Eat, not be fed

· Cuddle her dog

· Bark like a dog

· Look out our storm door & wave to people walking by

· Ride on shoulders

· Wave and flirt with strangers

· Brush her teeth

· Take baths

· Push things around

· Playfully flop on our bed

She took her first step at 9 ½ months and started walking when she was 10 months old.

She has 4 teeth, and her head of hair is finally filling in.

She is so lucky to have lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents that love her.

We have loved (nearly) every minute of the last year with her. She has made us better people as we have struggled to learn how to become good parents.

A few days after her birthday we scrambled to throw together a (previously canceled) bubble-themed birthday party. With the help of my mom, who was in town for a basketball game, we pulled it off!

Harper had a great time with all her friends. My mom was the star of the event - she entertained the kids with songs and Ukulele music. Thanks so much mom!


Janelle said...

Harper must be a good luck name, because mine is happy, happy too. Yours is darling. Congrats on surviving a year of parenthood!

KeNzIE said...

Miss that cute girl already! Had so much fun with you all here for Christmas. West and I were talking and saying how cool and down to earth you are! You're the best Rach!

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

what a cutie! its fun to see what she is up to being the same age as cam.