Tuesday, April 26, 2011

15 months... or 16... nope: 17

I started a 15-month post months ago, then it turned to 16 months, and now we're at just about 17. I suppose I'll back-track a bit. But first, a quick hair update... we have curls!

At her 15 month appointment in early March, she weighed 22 pounds (25-50%) and was 31 3/4 inches (90%), which has been fairly normal. However, her head is now up to the 50% range (has been 25% until this trip)!

Harper had a rough few months early in the year. She had loads of colds and other illnesses, transitioning to cow's milk was pretty difficult, and the cold of winter has kept her inside more than she would have like. Her 15 month immunizations were pretty tough on her, causing her to spike a fever and be very cranky for quite a few days. The addition of new teeth and fluid in her ears extended her crankiness nearly two weeks (which explains how miserable she looks in the St. Pat's pictures). Then one Sunday we woke up, and our happy baby was back. We missed her!

Harper has really started to show us her personality. She seems to be a little shy at first, but with familiar people she is adorable and super affectionate. Like her dad, she is quite a tease and is very curious about how things around her work.

Her vocabulary is really taking off. We've officially entered the parrot stage, where she tries to mimic the same words we say. She has really perfected the use of the word "No" and says it with a certain attitude that makes it really difficult not to laugh out loud. Along with words, Harper loves animals and the noises they make. Her elephant impression is awesome.

Adi has found a special place in Harper's heart. We will often find Harper snuggling with the dog on the dog's bed. She loves to take Adi for walks and LOVES to hold her leash. She says "Adi" and "dog" more clearly than most words and is so excited to see her every morning.

Finally, It has to be recorded that Harper loves the park - especially slides. On my days off of work we can (and occasionally do) spend literally hours there with no complaints from her. In fact, when we aren't at the park, Harper spends loads of time sliding down the grassy hill in our front yard. You can tell she's having a great time when she squeals "WHEEE".


rachel said...

So cute! She is huge!

Julie said...

I love that little girl!

M said...

I'm loving her curls. She is getting so big!

Elisabeth Wing said...

Curly hair girls are the cutest! It's nice to check in and see that you all made it through the winter sick phase. I can't get over how much she looks like you. How fun!

Michael and Staci said...

She is SO cute! Glad she is a mostly happy baby girl. :-)